Metro Mapping Manual

Do you want to get started with Metro Mapping to optimize a care path? We're happy to help. In the modules below we will familiarize you with the method and the tools. Would you like personal guidance from an experienced service designer or do you have a question? Please contact us via the contact form.


We hope that Metro Mapping contributes to optimizing care for patients, relatives and caregivers. That it enables all parties involved to gain a better understanding of the needs of patients and of each other. And that we succeed in optimizing care pathways in such a way that patients and relatives can participate in a way that suits them. 

In this module the Metro Mapping method is explained. The project approach, the phases, the tools, including the Metro Net and Metro Map, and the team members are discussed.

This module explains the visual elements of the Metro Net and Metro Map.

A template has been created for Microsoft Visio for building a Metro Net and Metro Map. This module explains how to use the template.

Use and licence

Metro Mapping is open access, i.e. free to use for those who want to get started. The use falls under the Creative Commons description ‘CC BY-NC-S 4.0

We also like to hear how and for what purpose Metro Mapping is used. So if you get started or are, let us know via the contact form