Metro Mapping Manual

Get started yourself with Metro Mapping to optimise a care pathway

Improving care with Metro Mapping

Getting started

Do you want to get started with Metro Mapping to optimize a care path? We're happy to help. In the modules below we will familiarize you with the method and the tools. Would you like personal guidance from an experienced service designer or do you have a question? Please contact us via the contact form.

We hope Metro Mapping contributes to optimising care for patients, loved ones and carers. That it enables all involved to better understand the needs of patients and each other. And that it succeeds in optimising care pathways in such a way that patients and relatives can participate in a way that suits them.

In addition, we would love to hear how and what Metro Mapping is being used for. So if you are or are getting started, let us know.

Use and licence

Metro Mapping is open access, i.e. free to use for those who want to get started. The use falls under the Creative Commons description ‘CC BY-NC-S 4.0


Chapter 1

Getting started with Metro Mapping

In this module the Metro Mapping method is explained. The project approach, the phases, the tools, including the Metro Net and Metro Map, and the team members are discussed.

Chapter 2

The Metro Net and Metro Map

This module explains the visual elements of the Metro Net and Metro Map.

Chapter 3

Mapping in MS Visio

A template has been created for Microsoft Visio for building a Metro Net and Metro Map. This module explains how to use the template.

E-learning en training


Get started using Metro Mapping and optimize a care pathway through this e-learning.


Instructions and digital materials to provide personalized training in Metro Mapping.

Service design

Service design is a field within design in which not one product but complete services are developed (or existing services are improved). Service designers work in the design process together with customers and the service provider. They use design methods to develop solutions for everything that is involved in service provision: the contacts between customers and service provider, the process and also all kinds of information and products that are used in the service provision. Service design is used to develop a user-friendly and consistent service that contributes to a predetermined goal.

Metro Mapping is a service design method with which care paths are (re)designed. A care path is the service that arises between a care organization and patients. Metro Mapping is being developed to support shared decision-making in a care path.